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    Health and Healing

    It’s a fairly young idea that our health is all about our ‘physical plumbing’. The healers in Ancient cultures were often their most respected spiritual leaders as well. Even so, a holistic view of health still needs to be practical. It should offer solutions that work for every person, in all cultures according to their own path.

    In a way, when Lao Tzu/Boganathar took his Yoga disciplines into Nature, he was looking for a way to make sense of it all. “If God is God, all powerful and all present in every dimension; why is it that people’s physical bodies age and pass away?”

    Energy, the Currency of Life

    He spent more than 50 years immersed in Nature. He learned how to move and breathe with the energy to regenerate the body. Soon after, he was called on to help save the life of the Emperor who was very ill. Chen then lived for almost 30 more years.

    After he passed, Lao Tzu realized that he needed an even more powerful system. In Tibet, he would be living in an environment that would challenge his health tremendously.

    Over the next 100 years, Lao Tzu/Boganathar not only perfected the exercises of Tai Chi Gung we share today, he opened the first school and trained the first 12 Lamas.


    “Circle of Chi has been a transformative experience for me. The teachings and guidance from the knowledgeable teachers have helped me deepen my Tai Chi and meditation practice. The supportive community has been instrumental in my personal growth and finding inner peace. I highly recommend Circle of Chi to anyone seeking a more mindful and connected life.”

    Sean Lord, NYC

    Do You Walk Your Talk?

    The books and DVDs, the study courses and live classes are based on the original teachings of Lao Tzu/Boganathar. They have been passed down from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage that goes back more than 3,000 years.

    Master Lama Rasaji is the leader and founder of the Circle of Chi community. He lived and trained at the original Lamasery. He has been sharing Tai Chi Gung for more than 40 years, and training for more than 55 years.

    His protege’, Master David Paul has been training more than 36 years and teaching more than 25 years. He leads the live classes and is the head of teaching for North America.

    Tools for Transformation

    What can I do to make this better?

    Sometimes, clarity comes to the mind first. For those seeking more information, we will send you Master Lama Rasaji’s 1st book, “The Circle of Chi” free, with no obligation of any kind.

    For those who want to feel the energy, we’ve discovered over the past 4 decades of sharing Tai Chi Gung that nearly 90% of everyone who does the 4 basic standing exercises, feels the energy in their very first class.

    To bring lasting positive change, it’s important to raise your energy level, and then learn to keep it there. For those ready to dive into transformation, we suggest they do their own 45 Day Renewal.

    Circle of Chi eBook

    In the “Circle of Chi” eBook that comes immediately when you become a free member, you’ll discover the history, philosophy and principles of regeneration as taught by Lao Tzu.

    Energy flows in a figure 8. It goes from the center of your being out into your world, and it returns back to you.

    The trick is to raise the vibration of this flow of energy until every aspect of your life is “feeding” you.

    45 Day Renewal

    For Master Lama Rasaji’s graduation task at the end of his first year of training at the Lamasery, he spent 45 days in complete solitude on a mountain top. This renewal intensive brought profound insights and clarity like no other training up to that point.

    We invite you to do your own 45 day renewal at home. Do the 4 standing exercises daily for 20 to 40 minutes, embrace the mala beads and train your mind to choose your own thoughts, not the negativity in the world. Walk in Nature 10 to 20 minutes a day and begin to discover the regenerative power for you there. Begin to gain clarity by doing the 3 column exercise. What do I really want to do next? Who do I want to be with? What is it like to have an abundance of health, more than enough?

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