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    We’re really excited that you have found the Circle of Chi and Tai Chi Gung. Just below are the live classes in Trussville. You can learn more about your teacher here too.

    Does Tai Chi Gung really work?

    Well, it’s working for 1000s of people in our community in more than 30 countries all over the world right now. And Tai Chi Gung has been shared in an unbroken lineage more than 3000 years so it has stood the test of time.

    Even so, in the end, it matters most that it works for you and that it’s a good fit for you in your life.

    Class Schedule

    Please contact Craig for class information

    We offer the first class free to any new student. To register, please send an email to Craig at: cestephens123@gmail.com

    Meet Your Teacher

    I’ve practiced Tai Chi Gung since April of 2021. I’m a new teacher of Tai Chi Gung. Tai Chi Gung is very simple form of Yoga that you can do in street clothes. 

    Many of you may know me from coaching youth sports or church sports. I have also been a building and remodeling for 25+ years. 

    Over decades of coaches training I noticed fluid warm-ups have overtaken static stretching.   As we get older we want to sit more and more. However, staying moving helps us in all aspects of our lives.

    It also gives us more energy. Just a little bit every day is a common statement I would say to my players. Just improve, just try a little every day and it will get easier. 

    No matter what your age is and if you are physically able to move, Tai Chi Gung can help you. Tai Chi Form has sitting and standing exercises. We have free standing classes the first Tuesday of every month.  If you want to make an amazing transformation in your life, we look forward to meeting you.

    What should I wear?

    Comfortable street clothes are fine. The class is done standing up, and it’s so gentle you won’t break a sweat.

    My Students Share

    In the “Circle of Chi” eBook that comes immediately when you become a free member, you’ll discover the history, philosophy and principles of regeneration as taught by Lao Tzu

    Our Tuesday Class

    Teachers have lots of pics of their classes, many are group shots.

    This is a customized placeholder basically.

    Nutrition Beyond Compare

    This my secondary income stuff.

    I’m so excited that you’re here. If you have any questions about the classes, or about Tai Chi Gung, I’m happy to answer them. You can call me at: 205.566.1065; or send an email to: cestephens123@gmail.com

    I’ll return your call as soon as I’m able to. In case you missed it above, we’ve found that the quickest way to figure out if you like Tai Chi Gung, is to take a live class. Your first class is free.

    You’re welcome to join us anytime. We look forward to meeting you.


    Craig Stephens