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    We’re really excited that you have found the Circle of Chi and Tai Chi Gung. Just below are the live classes in St Petersburg. You can learn more about your teacher here too.

    Does Tai Chi Gung Really Work?

    Well, it’s working for thousands of people in our community in more than 30 countries all over the world right now. And Tai Chi Gung has been shared in an unbroken lineage more than 3,000 years so it has stood the test of time.

    Even so, in the end, it matters most that it works for you and that it’s a good fit for you in your life!

    Class Schedule

    First Unity Spiritual Campus

    460 46th Ave N, St. Petersburg

    (room 301 in the building between Wings bookstore and the Church building)

    Mondays @ 6:30 pm

    Kare’s Orchid Garden

    Inside or outside

    9967 57th Ave N, St Petersburg, FL

    Wednesdays & Fridays @ 10:00 am

    Call Kare at 727-262-0880 or email KarePossick@gmail.com if you have questions or need directions.

    Meet Your Teacher

    Kare Possick – Visionary Artist, Author, Quantum Wellness Educator, Entrepreneur, Tai Chi Gung Instructor

    Kare Possick has been involved in natural healing and energy medicine for more than 50 years.

    She has taught about quantum physics, energy medicine, body-mind-spirit balancing, creativity, and natural healing in workshops world-wide and was on the faculty of 2 universities.

    She opened the Kare School of Yoga in St. Petersburg, FL and has also taught Tai Chi … and has studied with 10 Chi Gung Masters in China.

    In 2021, shortly after the passing of her beloved husband Charles, she was introduced to Tai Chi Gung.

    “I immediately knew that this ancient, sacred regenerative movement was the original and complete form from which all these other forms and practices grew!

    “I took the 45-Day Renewal which promised to change my life if I did it daily … but change is a very mild word for what it did for me!  

    “I became healthier and stronger, more focused and organized, more passionate about life, my business and finances improved, and my love and relationship with the Divine deepened and has continued to grow.

    “The wisdom and teachings of Master Lama Rasaji  gave me insights and clarity beyond what any other teachings had.

    “I became Live Class Member immediately and was first to raise my hand when they offered Teacher and Adept Training. There was no question that this was what I had been training for my whole life!

    “This system contains the most profound teachings to elevate us to the next level of humanity. And I am honored to be one of the first teachers to be certified by the Lamasery teaching this ancient sacred system that will usher us into a new era of health, peace, and prosperity.

    For a more complete bio go to www.KarePossick.com

    What Should I Wear?

    Comfortable street clothes are fine. The class is done standing up, and it’s so gentle you won’t break a sweat!


    Check out this video to see how Tai Chi Gung is making an amazing impact on people’s lives!

    I’m so excited that you’re here. If you have any questions about the classes, or about Tai Chi Gung, I’m happy to answer them.

    You can call me at: 727-262-0880; or send an email to: karepossick@gmail.com

    I’ll return your call as soon as I’m able to. In case you missed it above, we’ve found that the quickest way to figure out if you like Tai Chi Gung, is to take a live class. Your first class is free.

    You’re welcome to join us anytime. We look forward to meeting you.


    Kare Possick

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