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    We’re really excited that you have found the Circle of Chi and Tai Chi Gung! Just below are the live classes. You can learn more about your teacher here too.

    Does Tai Chi Gung Really Work?

    Well, it’s working for thousands of people in our community in more than 30 countries all over the world right now. And Tai Chi Gung has been shared in an unbroken lineage more than 3,000 years so it’s stood the test of time.

    Even so, in the end, it matters most that it works for you and that it’s a good fit for you in your life!

    Class Schedule

    Class Location: Black Mountain, NC

    United Research Light Center at Black Mountain / 2190 NC Hwy 9 South, Black Mountain, NC 28711

    Workshop: Standing Tai Chi Gung 

    Date: Saturday, 4/27/24

    Time: 10-11:30AM

    Class Fee: $20 Advance Ticket Purchase through the Light Center by 4/26/24. $25 at the door.

    To register, use the following link: https://urlight.org/Events/ or Facebook: TheLightCenter or Call the Light Center: (828) 669-6845 

    For questions, please send an email to Nancy@ElementalEnergyllc.org

    Class Location: Burnsville, NC

    Reconciliation House / 20 Academy St. / Burnsville, NC 28714

    Sitting Tai Chi Gung (Emperor’s Choice)

    Schedule: Mondays 10-11AM

    Class Fee: None Donations Accepted.  


    Dance & Karate Express / 605 W US Hwy 19E Bypass / Burnsville, NC 28714 

    Standing Tai Chi Gung

    Schedule: Call for Private & Group Sessions


    Instructor: Nancy Collins / (407) 388-4200

    To register, please send an email to: Nancy@ElementalEnergyllc.org

    Upon Request: Tai Chi Classes & Workshops are offered at your location. Call for details.

    Meet Your Teacher

    My life-long passion for fitness, wellness and movement led me to Tai Chi Gung and the Circle of Chi.

    Being a recreation & physical education teacher and trainer for more than 20 years, I was searching for some form of dance and movement that I could be passionate about and share with others. 

    I love the simple exercises that raise your energy and regenerate your mind, body, and spirit, leading to balance and harmony in every area of your life.

    My interests include hiking, kayaking, outdoor sports and being out in nature with my kids and grandkids as we develop a large homestead property with specialty homes, greenhouse, and gardens in the coves. 

    It would be my honor to guide you through the Tai Chi Gung breathing and stretching exercises, all graceful fluency in motion.

    Nancy Collins

    Can I Join the Class Anytime?

    Lao Tzu created a series of warm ups and 4 basic standing exercises that are the core of every class. These are simple moving and breathing exercises that help students feel the life energy of Nature directly. Almost 90% of students feel it in their very first class.

    Whether you have been studying 6 minutes, 6 months or 6 years, you do the simple movements you learned in your very first class. They serve as an outline, and each student connects in their own way.

    Because we don’t hold back exercises, and they remain consistent, new students can join a live class any time. You’ll feel right at home!

    Get Master Lama Rasaji’s eBook Free! 

    Master Lama Rasaji was the first person to be given permission to write a book about Tai Chi Gung. 

    The Circle of Chi is the first and only book sanctioned by the Lamasery about Tai Chi Gung in its entire 3,000-year unbroken lineage. 

    The book describes how to strengthen your connection to the life force, and then develop the 8 pathways of energy that support a regenerative life: mind, breath, movement, nutrition; work, money, relationships, and nature.

    For your copy of Master Lama Rasaji’s Circle of Chi, please join us as a free member: 


    I’m so excited that you’re here! If you have any questions about the classes, or about Tai Chi Gung, I’m happy to answer them. You can call me at: (407) 388-4200 or send an email to:


    I’ll return your call as soon as I’m able to. In case you missed it above, we’ve found that the quickest way to figure out if you like Tai Chi Gung, is to take a live class. Your first class is free!

    You’re welcome to join us anytime. We look forward to meeting you!


    Nancy Collins