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    Dr. Jill


    We’re really excited that you have found the Circle of Chi and Tai Chi Gung. Just below are the live classes. You can learn more about your teacher here too.

    Does Tai Chi Gung really work?

    Well, it’s working for 1000s of people in our community in more than 30 countries all over the world right now. And Tai Chi Gung has been shared in an unbroken lineage more than 3000 years so it has stood the test of time.

    Even so, in the end, it matters most that it works for you and that it’s a good fit for you in your life.

    Class Schedule

    Yoga from the Heart Studio | 2010 Pine Terrace, Suite B | Sarasota, FL

    Every Monday and Wednesday at 3:00pm

    For more information, please visit:


    We offer the first class free to any new student. To register, please send an email to Dr. Jill at: Jill@doctorjillmorris.com

    Meet Your Teacher

    My story was one of anxiety and worry. I worried about aging, the future, getting sick and outliving my money. I endlessly searched for happiness and inner peace. My life changed with Master Lama Rasaji’s Tai Chi Gung teachings. Through the use of mind, breath, and movement, a profound effect of revitalization and relaxation occurred. Tai Chi Gung methods are practical and easy to do at any age because the exercises are simple, yet they profoundly empower the mind, body, and soul.

    Dr. Jill Morris has served the Sarasota, Fl  area for over 36 years. She is married and has three children.

    Can I join the class anytime?

    Lao Tzu created a series of warm ups and 4 basic standing exercises that are the core of every class. These are simple moving and breathing exercises that help students feel the life energy of Nature directly. Almost 90% of students feel it in their very first class.

    Whether you have been studying 6 minutes, 6 months or 6 years, you do the simple movements you learned in your very first class. They serve as an outline, and each student connects in their own way.

    Because we don’t hold back exercises, and they remain consistent, new students can join a live class any time. You’ll feel right at home.

    What should I wear?

    Comfortable street clothes are fine. The class is done standing up, and it’s so gentle you won’t break a sweat.

    There are times when something comes into your life that you don’t know you need. When Dr. Morris started teaching Tai Chi Gong, I went as a courtesy to support her. What I received was her wisdom beyond measure, the opportunity to learn tools and methods that engage my mind, body, and spirit. 

    Dr. Morris’ classes offer a sense of peace, and the knowledge that we have the power to change our minds and lives. 

    Dr. Morris shares her knowledge of the history of the practice in a way that encourages future learning and interest.  

    The physical benefits to the body are a bonus.  

    Melissa Cirringione 

    Jill introduced me to Tai Chi Gung.  I enjoy her teaching for several reasons.  She is so positive and encouraging and always happy to see you.  She explains each exercise in detail and then demonstrates how it is done but also says it’s okay if it’s not done perfectly…we have plenty of time to work on it.  She explains the importance of the sequence of the exercises. 

    She provides new aspects of Tai Chi Gung periodically which encourages continued interest.  She is always happy to answer questions and is very good at explaining Tai Chi Gung to any new people coming to class for the first time.  She makes everyone feel welcome.   

    She encourages at home practice and getting into nature by taking walks and enjoying the outdoors.   

    Jill provides an excellent atmosphere for doing Tai Chi Gung and is an excellent teacher!   


    I have been studying manifestation, energy, and vibration for the last 15 plus years . It is a true passion of mine.  I was introduced to Dr. Morris’s Tai Chi Gung class in March.  It has been life-changing.

    It has raised my vibration, has brought more grounding and calmness into my life ! Jill’s teachings and presence brings so much positive energy and light into a room! This class is a must if you are looking to raise your vibration and energy field.  


    World Class Dentistry is a family-owned private dental practice since 1987,involving Dr. Morris, her husband and 3 children as dentists and laboratory technicians. It is a holistic dental practice with an emphasis on excellence in cosmetic dentistry and bite reconstruction, dental implant surgery and orthodontics. 


    Self-Realized Living is Dr. Morris’s informational health and wellness website which includes her Tai Chi Gung Sarasota links and class information. 


    I’m so excited that you’re here. If you have any questions about the classes, or about Tai Chi Gung, I’m happy to answer them. You can call me at: 941-321-7197; or send an email to: Jill@doctorjillmorris.com

    I’ll return your call as soon as I’m able to. In case you missed it above, we’ve found that the quickest way to figure out if you like Tai Chi Gung, is to take a live class. Your first class is free.

    You’re welcome to join us anytime. We look forward to meeting you.


    Dr. Jill Morris