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    Tai Chi Lessons

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    Levels of Mastery

    A spiritual seer once observed Master Lama Rasaji doing Lao Tzu’s Tai Chi Form and remarked, ‘This is the movement from which the whole universe was created.’

    “When new people come to my local classes and begin asking questions, I do my best to answer first. Then I mention this core truth as well: One learns Tai Chi Gung by doing Tai Chi Gung. That is the quickest way to discover whether it is a good fit for you.”

    Master David Paul

    Free Member

    After the unfortunate world events of 9/11, the Lamasery was searching for a way to respond. They asked Master Lama Rasaji to write a book to get the word out. As the head Lama, Maha Master Bo-Yang said, “If more people were doing Figure Eights across the planet, this would not have happened.”

    As a free member, you receive the 1st book ever written about Tai Chi Gung in eBook form and can learn about this profound art and science of regeneration.

    Private Member

    When Master Lama Rasaji lived and trained at the Lamasery, they would gather every Friday from 1:00-3:00 PM EST for a discourse and a question and answer session.

    This tradition continues at the Circle of Chi. Master Lama Rasaji shares a message and answers questions from students for 2 hours every week for Private members and above.

    A profound balance when gaining many spiritual insights for the spirit and mind is to raise the frequency of the body too, so it can keep up.

    Private members gain access to the video recordings of the Tai Chi Gung Basic Standing exercises as well so they can practice at home and start their 45 day renewal.

    Live Class Member

    Most beginning students see Tai Chi Gung as a way to improve their health, gain peace of mind and a stronger connection to the Divine. They practice at home, gather information, and begin their transformation in their own way, in their own time.

    For serious students, two powerful insights come to them. They discover the power of generosity: when one gives more light and energy, more returns. And they learn that true power is in the present.

    To honor these principles of regeneration, Master David Paul leads 4 live classes a week. Students experience the power of doing the exercises live, and learn how to share their energy with like minded people. We lift each other up, walking side by side and heal the earth and all who live on it.

    Teacher in Training

    Teacher training is the natural extension of live classes for those who want to share more, and do more for the planet.

    Students who attend live classes and tune into Master Lama Rasaji’s Friday webinars for 6 months or longer can apply to become teachers.

    Within as little as 2 weeks, they can begin sharing live local Tai Chi Gung classes as teachers in training. With 6 months of teaching experience, they will receive their group class certification.

    Two other Certifications follow. There are 4 different income streams available to those who move forward.

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